1. Vivienne Tam Spring 2014

    Vivienne Tam’s Spring 2014 collection makes a harmonious statement at New York Fashion Week. The dynamic collection brings together head to toe, monochromatic layering with vivid colors and structure. Striking florals and embroidery patterns make a bold statement in soothing red, pinks, blues and greens. The details come in the cut outs this season as Ms. Tam reminds us to continue those crunches with delicate midriff bearing tops and a parade of shorts. It wouldn’t be spring without the fashion world’s age-old love for spring sandals modernized with mid-calf socks for an androgynous yet chic flare. The beautiful collection brings together nature and structure to create timelessness while the rest of us bask in the garden Tam has created on the runway.

    Written by Alex Rivera. Photos courtesy of Style.com

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