1. Met Gala 2013 Best Dressed

    This years Met Gala theme of Punk: Chaos to Couture brought out a variety of stunning gowns and looks that will not be easily forgotten in the future. The event is not only a celebration of fashion, but also a celebration with the art of couture and its symbiotic relationship with society and culture. The dark theme was left open to interpretation, which caused for some diverse results.

    1. Beyoncé Knowles in Givenchy – Topping of our list is of course Queen B. Stepping out of her car in this beautifully patterned gown with full train was certainly a sight to see. It almost seemed that the hem of this gown was laced with dancing flames

    2. Blake Lively in Gucci Premier – Obviously Blake, in this Gucci original would be a knockout. Using a multitude of textiles and elements this gown is the definition of hard and soft juxtaposition. Even in the dark train, Blake still managed to bring her usual bright light to the red carpet.

    3. Nina Dobrev in Monique Lhuillier – All Nina really needed was a set of fangs and a trail of blood dripping down her chin and she would have the dark vampire look down. This lovely look by Monique (A Cashmere and Tweed favorite) is absolutely stunning. From the tulle train to lace leggings Nina utilized her dark features marvelously to pull of this living dead look.

    4. Dylan Lauren in Ralph Lauren – If there was an embodiment of classic it may be Dylan Lauren, in a gown designed by her father. With soft flecks of metallic gold this white garment just draped so effortlessly over the stunning fashion heiress. The lines created by the ribbing really made this dress so flattering and quite simplistically beautiful.

    5. Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein – This dress was a knockout on Katie. The flowing train of airy fabric really just had a movement that was so ethereal. Fabio really out designed himself with this gown. Katie managed to keep the punk theme with dark makeup, which was a direct contrast to the white purity in her garment. Absolutely beautiful.

    6. Amanda Seyfried in Vintage Givenchy – This vintage Givenchy piece was perfect for Amanda. The best part about this down was not only the lovely patterned train, but the amazing open back detail. This gown can only be defined as regal and Amanda wore it so gracefully.

    7. Joan Smalls in Tom Ford – Pictured here with the designer himself (also in Tom Ford) by far pulled of the full body lace dress the best over any of the other attempts. Joan simply looks fierce with the dramatic ombre, which trickles down against the intricate backdrop of her dress. I can only imagine how proud Tom Ford was to have his garment worn by such a stunning creature.

    8. Anne Hathaway in Valentino – As soon as Anne, in all her blonde glory stepped out of her car, all eyes directly went to her. In an amazing shear Valentino gown with fringe cuffs, Anne was truly something to behold. She managed to do the shear in a tasteful way and especially with the blonde locks pull off glam punk effortlessly.

    9. Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles with a Phillip Treacy headpiece and Christian Louboutin boots. – SJP always has a way of taking the crazy and making it look beautiful. With a grand combination of patters and ideals, Sarah J managed to make it all go together so well. The headpiece was the talk of the evening and once it managed to come out of her car, everyone knew this fashion icon had arrived.

    10. Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors –JLO is pretty much the very definition of sexy, in the almost leopard print gown by Michael Kors, Lopez really was just so hot. The gown hugged her famous curves and accentuated the beautiful woman we all know and adore. Topped with a wild and lovely up do, JLO is a perfect way to draw this list to a close.

    Written by Luke Hartman, Photos courtesy of The Cut