1. Glee began as an island of misfit toys; a place for the freaks, geeks, jocks, and cheerleaders to go and sing and feel a little better about themselves. I’ve grown up with these characters, I’m their age, I began high school with them and I cried when Cory Monteith passed.

    The show has had its ups and downs, struggling to keep up when the core characters graduated and moved away. Its goal of continuing the legacy of the New Directions through new characters was a flop, making the show a cliche.

    After the passing of the beloved Cory Monteith last summer, it was decided that the sixth season would be the final season. I believe that decision reinvigorated the show, returning it to its’ roots, scrounging up the last bit nostalgia they could.

    Everything about this show has been leading up to Rachel Berry’s debut on broadway as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. I’ve got to say, there were many moments following the 100th episode that made me tear up, even full on sob in yearning for my younger years. The heart wrenching tributes to Finn, the return of so many beloved characters, the reunion of the core members of Glee Club, all of it makes me feel like I was part of something special, getting to watch these people become who they are.

    As the curtain rose for Rachel’s opening night, I felt like this was the beginning and end to something so incredible. Although there is still time left in the 5th season and a whole final season to come, this was the episode fans had been waiting for since the show premiered my freshman year of high school. Rachel had made it, she had achieved that which only a select few do. She made us all believe in magic on that stage and not because she was good, great even, but by virtue of the fact that she was standing there at all.

    The only thing to top off such an incredible episode was the birth of Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury’s first child, a boy, and naming him Daniel Finn. The episode, which was all about love and acceptance and validation, truly achieved something magical last night. They made us all believe in ourselves, in Rachel, in love, and in New York.

    Written By Sydney Weinshel

  2. Are you ready to be a NARSissist?

    This may seem like a weird question, but not for those who have heard of the famous Nars Instagram account under the witty handle, Narsissist. This is the official account for the make-up brand and let me tell you, it does an amazing job of portraying the luxurious and high class nature of the brand. All make-up lovers beware…you will become addicted to this account.

    It’s hard for me to pick just one thing that I love about this particular Instagram account so I’ll pick three! 

    1) You get a behind the scenes look into the world of Nars make-up. 

    2) You can see how colors will look on you

    3) They have fun with it!

    So come on! Become a Narsissist already!

    Written By: Cheyenne Adler

  3. Going To Hell is the second full length album by punk rock band The Pretty Reckless, producing 3 singles, which has followed their successful breakout record in 2010. The only music to be released between the albums was an EP, featuring 3 new tracks and two live tracks, in 2012 while they were on a headlining tour.

    The making of this sophomore record has been a roller coaster ride for the band. They were victims of Superstorm Sandy, losing 2 years of hard work when their New Jersey studio was destroyed along with all their recordings, equipment, and guitars. They rallied together and took another year and a half to recreate an album worthy of the four year wait.

    Going To Hell pulls inspiration from religion, specifically Catholicism, with references to priests, Heaven, Hell, prayer, confession, sex, death, and absolution. It is a cohesive collection of 13 original tracks and two acoustic covers that represent the band as they are now, not as they were when they busted into the rock scene.

    While their first album was semi-autobiographical, with each song standing strong yet alone, their second album tells a story of corruption and religion. The sound, fans will note, is significantly different from Light Me Up. It is much more representative of their sound as heard live with raw vocals from Taylor Momsen and a more elaborate production sound featuring a bigger sound from an array of instruments.

    One of the more haunting tracks on the album is “Sweet Things” featuring not only Momsen’s vocals, but Ben Phillips’ as well. The dynamic is reminiscent of the title track on their EP, Hit Me Like A Man. In the same way they shared that song, “Sweet Things” tells the story, from the perspective of both Momsen and Phillips, of sex and the corruption of youth. The track is haunting; nightmarish even.

    The wait for this album was well worth it, allowing the band to create an album that was impeccably produced, well written, and even well curated. Each song was carefully chosen and placed within the record to create an evocative commentary on religious beliefs and practices.

    Written By Sydney Weinshel

  4. A long time ago we used to be friends, but I haven’t thought of you lately at all. These lyrics are EVERYTHING. So is the show they so accurately accompany. In 2004 the CW premiered a television show that would launch a cult following for years to come. Though the show was suddenly canceled after three years, fans remained devout to the show, calling themselves Marshmallows. That show was Veronica Mars.

    Nearly ten years after the show’s cancellation, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie adaptation of the beloved show. Their goal was $2 million dollars. That goal was met a mere 10 hours after launching the campaign. The campaign ended a month later with 91,585 donors raising $5,702,153.

    The Kickstarter campaign broke several records. They broke their first record by raising $1 million dollars in less than 5 hours. In less than 24 hours they raised their goal of $2 million dollars. It also holds the record for the most backers of any Kickstarter campaign.

    The movie was released (in theaters and on digital copy) exactly one year and one day from the initial launch of the campaign and it was perfection. As a fan who joined the game 10 years too late, I had a fresh memory for every one-liner, minor arc character, and LoVe feel.

    The movie brought back some of the most minor characters and even made some of them important to the film (Gia was the villain? Gia is smart enough to be the villain?). There was an amazing cameo from Kristen Bell’s hubby, Dax Shepard. The only recast in the film was Carrie Bishop (originally portrayed by Leighton Meester) and I was very impressed by that. For the movie to be great, everyone needed to proverbially come home.

    In classic V. Mars style, the film made reference to some of the most fangirl worthy lines and moments from the show’s run. There were also a few surprises for the Marshmallows. Logan is in the air force now, Veronica is still with Piz (gag me), Mac is working for Kane Software, and Weevil is a freakin’ dad! WEEVIL IS A DAD!!!!!!

    A few dissappointments: no word (not even a reference to his status) on Duncan. Where is he? Is he still on the lam? How’s his daughter by Meg? What about Parker? Did she and Mac stay friends? Don’t you usually keep in touch with your college roommate? What happened to Veronica while she was at the FBI? When did she transfer to Stanford? Why hasn’t she met Piz’s parents yet? Who is the new leader of the PCHers? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

    But of course, those were all minor holes compared to the masterpiece of moments that made up this fil. These were the 10 best moments from the film (in order):

    1. Veronica referring to herself as a marshmallow
    2. LoVe referencing Logan’s infamous drunk speech about their love being epic
    3. James Franco’s viral video cameo
    4. Keith Mars’ reaction to seeing Veronica taking a message
    5. Veronica verbally bitch-slapping Madison Sinclair and later actually bitch-slapping Madison Sinclair.
    6. Weevil as a dad
    7. Deputy Leo punking Veronica
    8. Dick’s flask belt
    9. "We Used To be Friends" being sung by a street performer
    10. Logan is in the Air Force *swoons*

    Besides one to many references to the Piz/Veronica sex tape (don’t even get me started), the film was a raging success filled with easter eggs for Marshmallows, essentially any fangirl’s wet dream.

    Written By Sydney Weinshel

  5. DreamDry to the Rescue!

    There is nothing worse than being invited to the hottest party in town or on a date with a complete hottie….when you did not wash or style your hair that day. This happens to me so many times that you would think I would get the hint and do my hair everyday. But I, like many other beautiful working women, do not have time for all that. Between classes, internships, club meetings and all the other things you do in a day, your hair should be the last thing on your mind. That is why, I have to share the amazingness of Dreamdry

    Dreamdry is an affordable solution in a super fast and easy way. There are 2 locations in New York City (one in Flatiron and one in Columbus Circle) and for $40, you leave the salon having commercial-worthy hair.

    Here are a couple of the styles of of their “Style Menu”:

    The Stevie Unpolished

    The Veronica

    The Juliette

    The Braid

    The Bianca

    These are just a couple of styles that Dreamdry has up its sleeve. $40 every week may be stretching the college budget a little thin, but every now and then, when you are in a serious hair jam, head on over and treat yourself to a wash and blow-dry. No stress necessary.

    Check it out and tell me how it goes!

    Written by: Cheyenne Adler

  6. The official trailer for the remake of the beloved classic Annie was released today. The notable cast includes Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan, Jamie Foxx as Benjamin Stacks (Daddy Warbucks), and Quvenzhané Wallis as our Annie. The film is set to be released at Christmas 2014.

    Written by Sydney Weinshel

  7. The winners of this past season of the X Factor USA was the adorable duo Alex & Sierra. The real-life couple made X Factor USA history as the first contestants to have a #1 single on iTunes while still contestants on the show. They were also the highest voted act every week, another first for the show.

    They’ve kept fans up to date with their plans for a breakout album through twitter, but no one was prepared for the photo they tweeted out featuring Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien. The tweet indicates they have a duet in the works.

    Fans of the duo and Dylan eagerly await the release of the now infamous song.

    Written By Sydney Weinshel

  8. A Breakdown of the 2014 Oscars

    In true J. Law fashion, she started our night off with a sequel to her infamous trip at last year’s award show by face-planting on the red carpet as she made her entrance. Ellen started our night of right with a jab at The Academy, Meryl Streep, and the lack of a college education among the nominees. However, the truly amazing beginning to our night was Jared Leto’s acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Dallas Buyers Club. His heartfelt thanks to his mother, a high school dropout and single mom, brought tears to our eyes. It was the perfect start to our evening.

    If you have read my review of Gravity it should not come as a shock to you that I am deeply disappointed by their take home seven awards. Sure, they deserved Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography, and maybe even Best Film Editing, but it beat out many more deserving films. It beat out American Hustle and The Wolf Of Wall Street for Best Director, either of which would’ve been a better choice. The film won Best Film Editing, beating out American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, and 12 Years A Slave. My personal choice was Captain Phillips, but any other film in the category would’ve been better than Gravity. The Book Thief really deserved Best Original Score, but was once again beat out by Gravity. I could go on about my opinion on Gravity, but I think you all understand.

    The breakout star of the evening was the elegant Lupita Nyong’o taking home Best Supporting Actress for her role in 12 Years A Slave. Of course, Frozen won for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for “Let It Go”. The Great Gatsby took home Best Production Design and Best Costume Design. Best Adapted Screenplay went to 12 Years A Slave (John Ridley) and Best Original Screenplay went to Her (Spike Jonze).

    Cat Blanchett took home the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and, yet again, our biggest disappointment was Leonardo DiCaprio losing to Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The big winner of the night was 12 Years A Slave for Best Picture.

    Of course Jared Leto was the best dressed man of the evening and Cate Blanchett was the best dressed woman.

    Written By Sydney Weinshel

    Photos From Huffpost Style

  9. Yoga to the People

    For all you yoga and soon-to-be yoga lovers, listen up! This past weekend, my friend and I discovered Yoga to the People, a FREE yoga studio, with locations all over Manhattan as well as the United States. Can I just repeat….FREE. 

    Yoga to the People’s philosophy is that everyone should have a chance to practice yoga despite their economic means, so all you broke college students prepare your downward dogs! 

    Another awesome bonus is that on sunday night’s you can relax before a long week with their candlelight yoga class!

    Check the website for a location near you! 

    Written by: Cheyenne Adler

  10. Fashion Week Beauty Recap

    Another Fashion Week has come to a close with a ton of new beauty and hair trends to test out. I went through all the shows and picked out the most memorable trends that are a must try for this Spring!


    Jenny Packham was bringing disco back with voluminous curls. Try this look at home by curling your hair with different sized curling irons and then brush it out for a wild child mane. image

    Michael Kors and Joie showed us how to make a berry lip work for Spring. Try light pink for a low-key natural look or darken it up for a brighter pop of color.


    Hello, Glitter, meet my best friend, Smoky Eye. Jason Wu and his make up artist, Diane Kendal, combined the youthfulness of glitter with the sophistication of the smoky eye. Well done.


    Bright Orange lips are one of the hottest trends this Spring and I’m definitely loving it. Nanette Lepore, Donna Karen, and Prabal Gurung all made this their lip color of choice and I think you should to! Pair it with a natural eye and you have yourself a fresh face for Spring.


    Tibi showed off this soft and romantic eye and I can definitely see it giving the super dark cat eye a run for its money. Try out white liner on a beautiful Spring day….if that day will ever come.

    imageMarc Jacobs made ponytail braids hot again and if I hadn’t chopped off all of my hair last month, I would have totally rocked this look. Make this school girl style a little bit more mature by loosening the braids and darkening your make-up. You definitely don’t want to be mistaken for the younger sister.

    Written By: Cheyenne Adler